Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Environ and Accumax Journey to Acne Free Skin

Today we have another Guest Blog written for us by Bev who has been travelling on her Environ and Accumax Journey!

My Environ and Accumax Journey to Acne Free Skin

I've always had problematic, acne-prone skin, which took hold in my early teenage years and was ever so determined to make me self-conscious and continuously chip at my confidence. My skin is best described as oily and sensitive, where I constantly have breakouts on my cheeks, chin and forehead (well, pretty much my whole face!). I also had acne present on my shoulders, which is (thankfully) no longer the case, as it was terribly uncomfortable.

Over the years I tried many different types of concoctions and tricks to obliterate my spots. I wanted a quick fix, I was pretty desperate! I was often told that my acne will disappear in my 20s... it did not! I tried many different solutions, such as drinking more water, exercising more and sleeping more, which did help to an extent, but it didn't fully banish my acne curse. So I somewhat put it to rest and convinced myself to accept that my problematic skin was a part of me, even though it was chewing me up inside emotionally.

This time last year, my boyfriend popped the question and the exciting journey to our big day commenced! I met Kathy to discuss wedding hair and make-up. My skin was in quite a state at this stage, being infested with a lot of red, sore-looking spots. I queried if she was able to help with my problematic skin and she reassured me that it had the potential be fixed. She explained the situation that my skin was in and how it was constantly being under attack by free radicals, which involves junk food (my vice!), stress, pollution and exposure to sunlight.

Kathy introduced me to a product range called Environ, created by Dr Des Fernandes, a renowned plastic surgeon who developed the Environ product range to tackle the damaging free radicals with Vitamin A. Some of the key ingredients contained in Environ are:

Vitamin A - which helps improve the collagen, elasticity and increase the natural moisture levels of the skin.
Vitamin C - helps improve skin elasticity, cleans up the the free radicals and brightens the complexion.
Antioxidants - this includes, green tea, rooibos tea, honey bush extract and beta-carotene, which neutralises the damage by free radicals.

I'm now on a great skincare regime using the Environ AVST moisturiser range, which allows the skin to gradually get accustomed to higher levels of Vitamin A, as jumping to high levels of Vitamin A can shock the skin. I have so far completed my two bottles of AVST 1 and have almost completed my first bottle of AVST 2. I have definitely noticed a significant improvement on my skin tone, texture and reduction in pore size on my cheeks. I no longer suffer from acne on my forehead and the spots on my cheeks and chin have reduced in number and size. What's left to tackle is the redness caused by the previous spots, which will hopefully reduce over time.

As part of the regime, I'm also taking Skin Accumax supplements, which is an Advance Nutrition Programme that feeds the skin from within. The supplement is quite effective as it targets the dermal layer of the skin, reducing inflammation, texture, scarring and excessive sebum production. I take these supplements with my meals and have woken up to seeing my skin look calmer each day!

So far I'm enjoying this skincare regime! I ritually apply the Environ AVST moisturiser to my face in the morning and evening. You can even apply make-up over the moisturiser once dried. The only hiccup I'm really having is experiencing dryness around my mouth, but this is solved by applying Environ Intensive Colostrum Gel as it helps hydrate sensitive skin. I'll admit the process is a bit on the slow side, but Environ's aim is to focus on the long term benefits, instead of a quick and temporary fix... so it's definitely worth the wait, as it's the only product so far that I've noticed a significant improvement in my problematic skin!

My aim is to get radiant, spot-free skin for our wedding day in the Summer of 2016, and I believe it's possible with this fantastic skin regime!


Monday, 7 December 2015

Ginger Tree Christmas Goodies

We have a wide range of beautiful Christmas Gifts at Ginger Tree no matter what your budget.  So if you are looking for a few stocking fillers or a present to splash out on, here are my top 5 gifts for Christmas!

1: The Ultra Regenerative Anti Ageing Facial Gift Box 

Contains the Anti ageing cleansing melt and Anti ageing serum + free cloth and beautifully packaged. Special offer - buy this gift box and receive a voucher for a half hour Pinks facial worth £25.00

2: The brand new Pinks Eye Serum 

Expertly formulated to include the ultimate anti - oxidant dose to help prevent and smooth fine lines and wrinkles leaving the delicate eye area illuminated. Introducing the anti- oxidant super stars - Buriti, Baobab and Pomegranate. Buriti fruit oil collected from the Amazon rainforest contains the richest known source of beta- carotene a powerful anti- oxidant known to protect from sun damage.

Rich in essential fatty acids, the building blocks of the skin’s structure that help maintain elasticity and firmness. Pomegranate has been selected, as it is rich in antioxidants, conjugated fatty acids and gentle phytoestrogens. It has been proven to be even more effective than green tea in fighting the free radicals that cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

The super - fruit Baobab has a rich Omega content, vitamin A, D and E, B1 and B2. The fruit extracts have been shown to have up to 6 times more vitamin C than an orange alongside a mega anti – oxidant content to give it significant free radical scavenging properties. These are also combined with vitamin E and the golden yellow blossoms of harvested Arnica Montana, providing flavonoids and carotenoids while calming the skin and reducing dark circles. An expert blend - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and deeply nourishing.

3: Ultimate Hydrate Gift Box

Hydrating Deep Cleansing melt + free muslin and beautiful gift box. Great for dry skins and a perfect introduction to the Pinks range. 

4. Mavala A Cracking Duo Nail Varnish Sets

Available in a range of different colours these gift sets are perfect for the nail lover! There is no need to pull this cracker, simply untwist the top to reveal two gorgeous nail treats.

5. Neals Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Care for your hands and help to save the bees with this original Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream. Moisturising organic honey is blended with energising orange essential oil to nourish the skin and lift the spirits. And you are giving a little something back this festive period!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Joys of Aske

Nearly everyone who comes and visits me comments on the beautiful tranquillity of my salon based at the stunning Aske Stables just outside of Richmond. I have worked in a variety of spaces but I picked Aske for my current salon location due to the ample parking, the closeness to Richmond as well as the most beautiful scenery that is on offer.

Aske Stables are based on the Aske Estate which is steeped in history, the hall was referenced in the Domesday Book of 1066! However the Stables were actually built much later on in 1887, the space is now filled with vibrant businesses and it is strange to think of the buildings once being used to house horses!

 The Salon still retains some original historical features, ask me to point them out when you next pop in! The room has plenty of character and I love the old fireplace which would have been used to keep weary stable boys and grooms warm many years ago!

Working on the estate means that I get to see the seasonal changes that are brought on throughout the year. At the moment the Autumnal colours are predominantly featured in the trees and across the landscape but in the Spring the grounds will be bursting with Bluebells and baby Lambs!

I love working here at Aske and I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients. So if you need a quiet space to relax and unwind, you know where I am!