Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Guest Blog: Dealing with skin concerns

I will get this out of the way very early on, I am one of those horrendously annoying people that have never had a spot in my life. I went un-blemished throughout my teenage years, my tipsy student years never resulted in a single spot and I have survived quite merrily into adult life with no spot-concerns.

You can then imaging my utter horror when I woke up this week with not one, not two, but a huge number of angry, bright red, painful spots protruding out all across my face, and even worse, they were multiplying!

I cried, I cleaned my makeup brushes (for the first time ever!) I even cleaned my glasses! I over compensated with moisture and then in desperation I decided to try and dehydrate the pesky things off by not moisturising at all (my poor face!) At this point I decided to go and see Kathy.

Kathy was greeted by a slightly hysterical, spot obsessed person and she took control! Firstly and foremost she didn’t trivialise my problem as I am sure some people would, she empathised with my stress and assured me that we could fix this!

I now have a very new and different skincare regime and I love it!

The first step of my new regime is skin health. I have started taking Vitamin A. You can get Vitamin A from food, but current thinking and research in Dermatology i.e. Dr Des Fernandes, Professor Malcolm Maden, Dr Rachel Watson, Professor Antony Young shows that Vitamin A is absolutely essential to our diets and it is believed that up to 90% of us just don’t get enough and supplementation makes a big difference to us having healthy skin. It helps improve moisture levels, aids collagen and elastin production, increases blood flow to the skin, plumps up the skin and makes the surface of the skin stronger, regulates the sebaceous glands and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

The second step is products, there is a wide range of products that I could use but Kathy knows that I love the Pinks Boutique scents and the smell of a product is very important to me (I get that from my Mum!)

I am now using the calming Ocha and green tea cleanser, which smells divine. I use a muslin face cloth to apply this which really makes my skin feel clean and is a gentle exfoliator, I don’t think I will ever go back to cotton wool! I then spritz a Rose and Geranium Flower water onto my face to refresh and apply a night time facial balm which is so smooth and I can just feel my skin gratefully drinking in all of the moisture.

When I have a problem, I need a plan and Kathy provided me with this. My skin is so much calmer and the spots have reduced their aggressive streak, in fact, vitamins, moisture and love seems to be defeating them!

I now have the utmost respect for people who suffer from acne and on-going skin problems. I have found it extremely distressing to feel that everyone is looking at Mount Vesuvius on my chin, simply waiting for it to erupt! I am so lucky that spots and skin conditions have never affected me up until now and I appreciate that now.

I am also very lucky to have a Kathy to call on when a crisis comes calling and I know that she helps a lot of people with acne and other skin concerns across all ages!


Monday, 28 September 2015

Low Gingerfield Christmas Fair

I know it is only September and we don’t want to start planning for Christmas too soon but I just wanted to let you all know that I have just booked my stall at the Low Gingerfield Christmas Fair which will be taking place on Sunday 22nd November.

Low Gingerfield Farm is a fantastic venue just outside of Richmond, it is run by Gill and is a Bed and Breakfast as well as a wedding venue. In fact my able assistant on the stall, Sarah, will be getting married at Gingerfield farm herself next year!

We will be bringing a range of beautiful Christmassy Gifts along with us to the stall in November from Neals Yard and Pinks Boutique as well as some beautiful nail gift sets, gift vouchers and product samples so make sure you pop along and get your Christmas shopping organised early!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Focus on Pinks Boutique

We are passionate about the products that we use here at Ginger Tree and one of the brands that we use and recommend all the time is Pinks Boutique.

Pinks Boutique specialise in organic luxury skincare and are a British brand set up by Kirstie Allen and Luke Sherriff who first met each other at Oxford University. Luke was a Human Scientist and Kirstie a historian specialising in women and South East Asia.

Their two subjects, although very different, began to overlap when Luke became a professional Rugby player, Luke became interested in organic food around about the same time that Kirstie began exploring organic cosmetics and Pinks Boutique was born!

Pinks Boutique create certified organic products that represent Luke and Kirstie’s love of Asia using unique aromas and exotic ingredients from Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and Japan and believe me, they do smell amazing!

Pinks Boutique offers a wide range of products, from cleansing melts, body oils and hand soaks that are designed and hand blended in the UK . I use Pinks Boutique products in my facial treatments as they help to restore the natural balance of the skin and they promote clear, hydrated and radiant skin from the use of antioxidants, omega acids and plant extracts.

If you would like to try Pinks Boutique and start incorporating their beautifully designed organic products into your skincare regime then please don’t hesitate to ask me on your next trip to the salon, you will be able to see and feel the benefits and the smells are just heavenly!

I am meeting with Pinks Boutique in October to see the new Eye Serum and upcoming Christmas Gift Range so I will keep you updated!

To find out more about Pinks Boutique why not watch their video here:


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The White Swan at Gilling

Last week Sarah and I went along to the White Swan in Gilling where they are in the process of setting up a regular ladies event. We went along and met some lovely people over some delicious canapés and prosecco!

We will be holding our very own event their on Thursday 8th October at 7pm in the Chill out Zone right at the back of The Swan. If you have never been to The Swan in Gilling before then this is the perfect opportunity for you to come and sample their food and hospitality as well as speak to me about a range of topics.

I will be bringing with me Neal’s Yard and Pinks Boutique aromatherapy products plus some oils and blends for you to try and I will be looking for willing participants to demonstrate head, hand/arm and foot massage. I am planning on it being an interactive event where everyone will get the chance to experience a little bit of the magic of massage.

Look forward to seeing you there!