Monday, 9 May 2016

Review of the Environ Purifying Facial

I was lucky enough to experience an Environ Purifying facial with Kathy a few weeks ago. I am no stranger to facials and normally enjoy a more traditional facial using Pinks Boutique products but Kathy encouraged me to try something new, so I did!

When doing blogs for Kathy before I have made no attempt to hide the fact that I am very driven by smell and I believed that an Environ facial would be exactly the same as a normal facial, but without all of the floral smells. I was very wrong.

The Environ Purifying facial brings skincare bang up to date and into the 21st century. I am not a scientific person (I failed my A-level in Biology) so I am not even going to try and attempt to explain the process behind the facial, but I was very impressed by the scientific knowledge that had gone into producing a treatment tailored to plump up the skin and increase the moisture in the skin using a variety of techniques.

Kathy felt that my skin looked a little congested and dull and suggested the Purifying Facial to deeply cleanse and steralise my skin. So whilst this treatment is great for acne and serious problematic skins, it is also useful for skins that are getting slightly spotty.

Before the Facial.

One part of the facial which I strangely enjoyed was when Kathy applied a product that looked like icing that you would normally put on a cake! Kathy left my nostrils free but applied this product over my entire face including my eye sockets. This icing like mixture then dried and hardened which was an extremely unusual feeling and eventually made a rubbery mould of my face. I can see why Kathy said that some people had asked to take their moulds home, it was fascinating!

Whilst the mask is on iontophoresis current is put through the mask to increase the penetration of the serums used deep into the dermis of the skin. This is one of the things that makes an Environ facial so effective. Sound waves are also used during the first part of the facial to create temporary cavities in the skin, allowing the products to seep deep into the skin. I have never experienced sound waves on my face and was a little apprehensive as to how it would feel, but I could honestly not feel a thing! It was unusual to not be able to open your eyes because of the face mould over them, but that was the only odd part of the experience.

After the facial my skin felt brighter and plumper.
After the facial, my face felt noticeably different. I felt like my cheek muscles had been dramatically lifted (I didn’t even know they needed that!) The most visible difference though was the disappearance of fine lines around my eyes and a smoother forehead. I don’t mind fine lines at all, I laugh a lot, but it was extremely impressive to see my eye crinkles completely disappeared after just one treatment!

Sarah x

A slightly more glamorous picture of me, thanks to Jane Iredale makeup (and Kathy of course!)