Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Guest blog from Carol Rennard

In the pink with body bliss treat

Like many women I want to take as much care about what I put on my body, as what I put in my body.

I avoid additives and processed foods, so why would I want to put harsh chemicals onto my aging, delicate skin – not to mention the risk to the environment?

One of the appeals of Ginger Tree is that the skin care and beauty ranges Kathy uses are free of such nasties. Kathy suggested the Pinks Boutique Body Bliss – a delicious one and a half hours of top to toe pampering – as my first treatment at the salon. Pinks Boutique, founded by husband and wife Luke and Kirstie Sherriff, is inspired by their trips throughout Asia.

Pinks Boutique skincare products are natural, organic, approved by the Soil Association and have won a clutch of awards. Many are oils and balms smelling deliciously of rose, lemongrass and mandarin.

The treatment starts with a soothing scented foot soak while I sipped a mint tea – from my favourite Pukka brand. Then I moved through to the peaceful treatment room, where Kathy makes me comfortable on her massage bed complete with memory foam mattress. There’s the option to have the bed heated, but on a warm summer’s day this wasn’t needed.

The Body Bliss treatment starts with exfoliation of my upper back using Rosehip Face and Body Scrub followed by a Rose, Clay and Rosehip Mask. Then Kathy moisturises and massages with Rose Face and Body Balm, and Rose and Jojoba Face and Body. My much-neglected upper back soaks up these anti-aging products, designed for dry and sensitive skins, like a sponge.

An hour long facial follows, using many of the same products. Kathy decides that my face doesn’t need exfoliating after cleansing with the amazing Anti Aging Deep Cleansing Melt – a luxury cleansing balm, which I will be buying. Balm and oil are massaged into my face and décolletage following the Rose, Clay and Rosehip Mask.

If you have this treatment don’t plan a lunch date afterwards because the next stage is a superb head massage using oil. I had to go straight home and wash my hair as Kathy really does get down to the roots. It’s worth it for the benefits though – which had the added bonus of conditioning my hair, as well being a great stress reducer.

Body Bliss includes a leg or arm and hand massage – I opted for the latter. Kathy’s experience really shows in her massage – firm, but calming.

The wonderful scents of the Pinks Boutique’s products lingered for the rest of the day. They do candles and room spray too, which would make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

Days after my Body Bliss experience my skin is still glowing and I have worn very little makeup - just a bit of concealer. There’s no doubt that my skin loves Pinks Boutique. I think it may be an expensive autumn when I overhaul my skincare!